The Godfather: A Masterpiece, or a Missed Opportunity?

Scene: “The Godfather: A Masterpiece, or a Overlooked Alternative?”


Atmosphere: A plush front room with antique Hollywood posters, Tesla blueprints, and Fb’s previous brand framed at the partitions. The 3 males are seated on plush leather-based sofas, sipping whiskey and munching on popcorn. The movie reel of “The Godfather” has simply stopped rolling.

Mark Zuckerberg: (Smirking) So, “The Godfather,” huh? A tale concerning the switch of energy inside a circle of relatives undertaking. Roughly like passing the torch in Silicon Valley, handiest much less code and extra cannoli.

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Elon Musk: (Laughs) Smartly, it is an iconic movie to mention the least. What is to not love about complicated characters, circle of relatives drama, and a tender Al Pacino earlier than he began yelling in each and every film?

Louis B. Mayer: Gents, you haven’t any thought what you are speaking about. “The Godfather” would’ve been a crisis if it have been produced below my watch at MGM. Too gradual, too murky. The place’s the glamour, the spectacle?

Mark Zuckerberg: (Leaning in, à los angeles Ron White) Ah, the glamour! As a result of not anything says glamour like mobsters taking pictures each and every different in Italian eating places. You’ll be able to learn concerning the film’s permanent affect on its Wikipedia web page.

Elon Musk: (Chuckling, in a Jerry Seinfeld tone) Perhaps we will release the Corleones to Mars. Consider, interplanetary mafia wars!

The Godfather: A Testomony to Storytelling (Mark Zuckerberg’s Assessment)

The Genius of Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola completed what many concept used to be inconceivable. He became a bestselling novel into a work of cinematic artwork. For extra background, you’ll be able to talk over with IMDb.

Zuckerberg’s Two Cents

The tale is not just about arranged crime; it is about circle of relatives, loyalty, and the ethical complexities all of us face. Would I need to be part of the Corleone circle of relatives? Now not actually. However the thematic parallels to the tech international are compelling.

Elon Musk’s Assessment: The Godfather – An Odyssey of Energy and Area

Why It is Like a SpaceX Rocket

The movie’s gradual burn is similar to the ignition section of a Falcon Heavy. As soon as it takes to the air, you are hooked. The Corleones can have used a Tesla or two, even though. Take a look at the respectable website online for more info.

An Engineering Feat

The development of the tale, the performances, the cinematography—it’s engineered like a high-quality system. I may use the Corleones’ problem-solving abilities at the subsequent Mars venture.

Louis B. Mayer’s Take: “The Godfather”: A Overlooked Spectacle

Now not a Golden Age Vintage

This movie is simply too insular, too concerned about its characters’ grim worlds. My period, the Golden Age of Hollywood, gave other people desires, fantasies! See the adaptation on IMDb.

Mayer’s Verdict

It is a movie that can have benefited from the glitz and glam that make cinema magical. There may be extra to the film than meets the attention, and you’ll be able to discover that right here.

Louis B. Mayer: (Shaking his head, Larry David taste) So, you guys actually do not see it? This film lacks the golden contact!

Elon Musk: (Grinning) Golden contact or no longer, it is stayed related for part a century. That is longer than maximum of my tweets!

Mark Zuckerberg: (Elevating his glass) To the Corleones, would possibly their tale proceed to function a lesson—or a caution—to households in energy far and wide.

All: Cheers!

Mark Zuckerberg: (Proceeding, with a slightly of Ron White’s dry wit) Lesson or caution, both means, it is a find out about in control. You have got Don Vito, the unique founder, after which Michael, the reluctant successor. Kinda like when a startup founder has at hand over the reins to somebody extra “company.”

Elon Musk: (Nods, grinning like Jerry Seinfeld) Ah, sure. From open-source mafia to Corleone Inc., coming to a NASDAQ close to you!

Louis B. Mayer: (Waving his hand dismissively, within the taste of Larry David) You younger dollars and your communicate of startups and shares! In my day, we did not have algorithms; we had uncooked skill and aura!

The Godfather: A Testomony to Storytelling Endured (Mark Zuckerberg’s Assessment)

The Metaphor of Trade

There is something eerily acquainted in observing the Corleone circle of relatives juggle quite a lot of ‘industry ventures.’ One may argue that Silicon Valley can be informed a factor or two about navigating political landscapes from the Corleones. For an in-depth have a look at the movie, talk over with its Wikipedia web page.

A Movie that Outlined a Style

If there is something “The Godfather” did remarkably smartly, it is atmosphere the bar top for each and every crime drama that adopted. It is kind of like how Fb revolutionized social networking, however with extra fedoras.

Elon Musk’s Assessment: The Godfather – An Odyssey of Energy and Area Endured

The Godfather Universe

Let’s be truthful. If the Corleones lived within the provide day, they might most likely have an area program. However jokes apart, the universe of “The Godfather” is deeply intricate, reminding me of complicated techniques we construct at Tesla and SpaceX. Be informed extra concerning the movie’s introduction on IMDb.

The Present That Helps to keep Giving

Similar to how we stay pushing the limits of era, “The Godfather” has had a long lasting legacy, spawning sequels or even video video games. To dig deeper into its cultural affect, take a look at this supply.

Louis B. Mayer’s Take: “The Godfather”: A Overlooked Spectacle Endured

Hollywood’s Overlooked Alternative

I insist that if the movie used to be produced in Hollywood’s Golden Age, we might have much less brooding and extra grandeur. For an era-wise comparability, discuss with the film’s Wikipedia article.

Mayer’s Final Phrases

I might by no means produce it, however I will be able to’t deny its cultural affect. It is an intricate tapestry however lacks the instant sparkle and attract that used to outline Hollywood. If you wish to learn a extra detailed research, here is a just right supply.

Louis B. Mayer: (Leaning again) Smartly, I nonetheless suppose it wanted extra razzmatazz!

Elon Musk: (Giggling) Razzmatazz! Perhaps we will CGI that into the following SpaceX release.

Mark Zuckerberg: (Smiling) Whether or not it is razzmatazz or uncooked storytelling, “The Godfather” will proceed to face the take a look at of time. Similar to our respective legacies, I am hoping.

All: Cheers!


Author: Hiyas Echegaray