Editorial Wedding Photography

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What is the definition of an Editorial Wedding Photographer?

Wedding photos for editorial purposes

Roman Zlobin Wedding Photography 1215
Roman Zlobin Wedding Photography

Editorial Wedding Photography is distinguished by perfectly timed candids and eye-catching detail pictures that capture the tale of the day.

Roman Zlobin Photography (myself!) took all of the photos…..More photo examples with captions can be found at the end of this post.

“The number of people who told me these photos should be in Vogue is ridiculous,” says Julie, a bride and prior wedding photography client.
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What is the definition of an Editorial Wedding Photographer?

You’ve probably heard the term “editorial wedding photographer” before. It’s the new buzzword in wedding photography. However, if you are a non-photographer couple planning a wedding, you may not understand what this entails. Even as a seasoned wedding photographer, I was perplexed at first as to what this term meant. But now I have the answers. So let’s dissect what the term “editorial wedding photographer” means.

Hamptons wedding photographer NY Montauk editorial documentary Roman Zlobin

Editorial wedding photography includes fashion-forward, glossy documentary photographs that set the scene. Roman Zlobin Photography provided the image.

Roman Zlobin Wedding Photography - Wichita Falls
Roman Zlobin Wedding Photography – Wichita Falls

The Quick Answer

I’ll start with the simple response and then go into greater detail. The term editorial refers to a tale, and it has traditionally been linked with magazines or similar online publications. Similarly, an editorial wedding photographer is one who shoots with the goal of telling a story in the most glamorous and flattering way possible (as seen in a fashion magazine).

I am an professional wedding photographer. I picked up an ancient German camera and developed my first film 17 years ago. The magic and intolerable ease with which photography can transmit feelings, thoughts, and atmosphere immediately won me over. I haven’t let go of the camera since.

The camera has become a buddy, a tool, and a conduit through which I may communicate with the beauty of the world around me. In my work, I attempt to identify what we might not notice or notice in ordinary life – moments, gestures, and relationships between objects in space and time. In doing so, I aim to stick to the fine art format so that the photograph can be printed, framed, and mounted on the wall to be enjoyed.

People and artifacts created by people compel me. After all, photography was created by man. That is why a human is frequently present in my photographs. But I also enjoy photographing a person’s absence: they were here only a minute ago, or they are going to appear. As I am continually fascinated and motivated by a woman’s attractiveness, the perfection of a female figure holds a special place in my work. I enjoy observing the state of nature – the light, the time of day, the weather, the changing seasons… All of this can be found in my work.

We each see the world in our own unique manner. My photography is my method of experiencing the world. Friends, welcome to the realm of my photography. Enjoy — Roman Zlobin

I’ll go into this in greater depth below, but it broadly comprises the following ideas:

Roman Zlobin Wedding Photography
Wichita Falls Wedding Photography


-narrates a narrative

-contains photos that set the mood for the day

-captures a moment’s personality/emotions/essence

-Excellent lighting and editing (imagine photographs you’d be pleased to put in a magazine for all to see)

-natural: unposed or very lightly posed

-displays information or merchandise (think high fashion magazine advertisements)

(Psst: If editorial wedding photography seems like the style you’re looking for, please contact me via my enquiry form HERE. I can’t wait to learn everything there is to know about you two and your plans! XO Roman Zlobin)

Wedding photographer in the Hamptons NY Montauk editorial documentary style Roman Zlobin

Editorial Wedding Photography includes candid, documentary-style images that assist to communicate the tale of the day in an elevated way. Roman Zlobin Photography provided all of the photographs for this post.

Roman Zlobin Wedding Photography
Wichita Falls Wedding Photography

Dissecting Editorial Style

So, now that we’ve established that the term editorial refers to tales and has a strong association with magazines, let’s look at how it may be applied to wedding photography. Because this may go one of two ways.

People and product photographs fit for a magazine
Typically, an editorial photographer will strive to photograph weddings in a “fashion magazine-worthy” style. Lifestyle photos are preferred by magazines over stiffly posed images. As a result, editorial photographers will strive to shoot photographs that appear natural and effortless. The emphasis will be on perfectly timed candids, or even candids with moderate assistance. Major newspapers also enjoy showcasing eye-catching things that their readers can purchase or duplicate. Finally, they enjoy telling stories on their sites and posts, which people can read and visually follow along with. Elegant photos with true passion are essential in this case. Photos that set the setting, such as sweeping landscape images or wide reception shots, are also appropriate.

Good editing and lighting are also noteworthy. These images should appear beautiful when a “editorial” is published in a magazine for all to see. And, of course, whoever is the subject of those photographs will want to look their best. As a result, it’s critical that the photographs be taken from the most flattering angles and in the greatest light possible.

Virginia documentary editorial wedding photographer Primland x Save
Editorial Wedding Photography features natural and easygoing photographs that highlight details and amazing fashion. Roman Zlobin Photography is responsible for all photographs.

Roman Zlobin Wedding Photography
Wichita Falls Wedding Photography

Getting published is a top priority.

Some wedding photographers who consider themselves as editorial MAY work more than others to get published. Perhaps they want to attract high-end clients who want to see their wedding featured on a well-known blog. Alternatively, they may like to photograph in a “magazine-worthy” way. This can be determined simply by glancing at their work.

What does NOT constitute editorial wedding photography?
Given the foregoing, I would argue that photographers who use stiff poses, poor editing, skip detail shots, or fail to tell the story of the entire day cannot be labeled as editorial wedding photographers, because these types of images rarely make it into magazines and fail to capture the full scene and story of the day.

Beautiful detail photos of the day’s decor, clothing, and products are a standard editorial requirement. As a result, they are extremely frequent in editorial wedding photography. Roman Zlobin Photography is responsible for all photographs.

Roman Zlobin Wedding Photography
Roman Zlobin Wedding Photography


To summarize, who wouldn’t want to hire an editorial wedding photographer? An editorial wedding photographer will have a photography style that includes a wide range of photographs to tell the tale of your special day. They concentrate on natural-looking portraiture and stunning photographs of all the intricacies of the day. For instance, magnificent scenic photographs to establish the scene, as well as close-up shots of the flowers, reception decor, and so on. They take images that appear to be from a magazine feature or advertisement. Most of the best wedding photographers have an editorial flair. Although not all wedding photographers may characterize themselves in this manner, and many may lack the time to submit their photographs for publication.

Check out THIS wedding I photographed at Primland Resort for some instances of editorial wedding photography that includes exquisite documentary photography, gently led candids, and gorgeous detail shots.



If editorial wedding photography is the type of photography you’re searching for, please fill out my enquiry form HERE. I can’t wait to learn everything there is to know about you two and your plans!

Much affection,

Roman Zlobin

Roman Zlobin Wedding Photography

Roman Zlobin Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer in Cary x Save

Editorial wedding photos may include motion blur to help portray the story of the day’s emotions and how the moment felt.

Save Fashion – Magazine Inspired Detail Shots

Save the date for an editorial wedding photographer.
You can’t tell the day’s story without exquisite, perfectly timed candids. These are really important in editorial wedding photography.

Photographer for editorial weddings

Images featuring interesting elements that attract the eye are frequently used in editorials.

Roman Zlobin Wedding Photography
Roman Zlobin Wedding Photography
Photographer for editorial weddings

Sweeping landscapes that set the tone for the day, as well as photographs of the lovely wedding day decor. Both are well-known among editorial wedding photographers.