Coffee and Rings

The Scene: Espresso and Rings

Mark Zuckerberg (MZ) and Elon Musk (EM) are sitting at “Cross Get Em Tiger,” a hip Los Angeles espresso store, discussing “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.” Input Hal B. Wallis (HW), a ghostly determine visual best to them.

MZ: “I will’t consider how ‘The Lord of the Rings’ has stood the take a look at of time. It is the type of content material community-building that Fb may just best dream of.”

EM: “You might be no longer mistaken. If the One Ring had been a work of tech, I would be first in line to reverse-engineer that child. Believe— ‘One Tesla to rule all of them!'”

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HW: “Gents, in my day, we had been extra serious about the tale, no longer simply the gizmos. ‘Casablanca,’ ‘True Grit,’ we made motion pictures that lasted.”

MZ: “Ah sure, however may just you live-stream the climactic moments to an international target audience of tens of millions?”

EM: “Or consider a ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ the place Gandalf is a SpaceX rocket, taking the Hobbits to Mars as an alternative of Mordor.”

HW: “It is not about the place the tale takes you; it is about how the tale makes you are feeling. That is why classics bear, be it in Previous Hollywood or Center-earth.”

MZ: “Truthful level. Storytelling is something ‘The Lord of the Rings’ nailed, no longer in contrast to the best way we use Tales on Fb to stay communities engaged.”

EM: “Engaged, huh? Not anything says engagement like an Orc military. Possibly we must upload that function to Tesla’s autopilot— ‘Keep away from Orcs.'”

HW: “You pass over the purpose. The tale resonates as a result of its universality. It will had been filmed in any technology and also have have an effect on.”

MZ: “Neatly, the social have an effect on isn’t misplaced on me. The best way fanatics have interaction on-line, talk about lore, it is reasonably one thing.”

EM: “You’re no longer kidding. There’s almost definitely a subreddit debating whether or not Legolas’ hair is of course that easy.”

HW: “Virtual boards are wonderful, however you’ll be able to’t beat the enjoy of sitting in a theater, totally immersed in an international.”

EM: “Why make a choice? Long term theaters might be Teslas riding themselves when you watch ‘The Two Towers.'”

MZ: “In 3-D, live-streamed on your non-public timeline.”

HW: “Some reports are highest left untouched. Adapt, however bear in mind the essence.”

EM: “So, a Tesla in each Hobbit hollow?”

MZ: “And a Fb profile for each Elf, Dwarf, and Guy.”

HW: “You realize, I believe J.R.R. Tolkien would have had a factor or two to mention about that!”

MZ & EM: “He’d almost definitely tweet it.”

Movie Opinions

Mark Zuckerberg:
“Any person who has noticed ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’ understands the facility of a just right tale. This isn’t only a movie; it is an epic narrative that binds its audience right into a network, similar to Fb does. The trilogy explores complicated topics of friendship, sacrifice, and the hunt for which means—one thing all of us search in our lives. Director Peter Jackson turns Tolkien’s masterpiece into a visible deal with, reminding me of the way we attempt to make interfaces user-friendly but deeply enticing. 5 out of 5 stars.”

Elon Musk:
“I am captivated by means of how ‘The Lord of the Rings’ stretches the bounds of what’s imaginable in movie, simply as we do in generation. The One Ring is without equal piece of disruptive generation, threatening to upend the facility constructions of Center-earth. I may just see parallels between the Fellowship’s quest and a SpaceX venture: a small, professional workforce taking up a just about insurmountable problem for the better just right. Merely put, it’s an engineering wonder in storytelling shape.”

Hal B. Wallis:
“In all my years in Hollywood, generating classics, seldom have I come throughout a story so grand but so intimate. The best way ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ balances persona and spectacle is one thing to behold. It harks again to the essence of storytelling, the place each and every component serves the better narrative. That is cinema at its highest, charming audiences with out the will for trending hashtags or viral advertising and marketing. A undying masterpiece.”

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Author: Hiyas Echegaray