Behind the Scenes of “Zuckerberg vs Musk: Cage Fight”

Interview with Alan Nafzger

At the back of the Scenes of “Zuckerberg vs Musk: Cage Struggle

By means of Katy Room

Katy Room: Alan, thanks for sitting down with me lately to discuss your riveting script, “Zuckerberg vs Musk: Cage Struggle.” Your screenplay has captured the imaginations of many. Let’s delve into some key scenes.

Scene 1: The Fallout and the Apocalyptic Overtones

Katy Room: Scene 1 is about in Minute Maid Park, and it is an emotionally charged second between Musk and Zuckerberg. Each characters transfer between panic, desperation, and humor. What impressed you to juxtapose those intense feelings in any such claustrophobic atmosphere?

Alan Nafzger: The cage struggle is the epitome of bodily combat, however what occurs when those sturdy personalities are confined by means of cases? I sought after to discover the vulnerability and desperation they could really feel, offset by means of humor, to cause them to extra human and relatable.

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The Function of Generation and Human Connection

Katy Room: The characters make pressing calls to their households. What are you looking to put across right here in regards to the dating between generation and human connections?

Alan Nafzger: Regardless of being pioneers in generation, each are reliant at the maximum elementary type of conversation—a decision to their family members. It is a second that presentations that regardless of how complicated we change into, our fundamental human wishes stay the similar.

Scene 2 & 3: Administrative center Dynamics and Twittersphere

Katy Room: Scene 2 and three are set in Musk and Zuckerberg’s respective places of work. How did you make a decision what components to incorporate within the background to signify their distinct focuses?

Alan Nafzger: Musk’s focal point on area and innovation is starkly contrasted by means of Zuckerberg’s earth-centric method. I believed the delicate place of job decor would offer an additional layer of intensity to those characters, making their variations extra obvious.

The Twitter Battleground

Katy Room: Twitter performs a an important position right here. Why did you select this platform as their battleground?

Alan Nafzger: Twitter has change into this modern day area the place titans conflict, no longer with swords, however with phrases. I believed it will be the absolute best level for 2 influential figures to interact in a struggle of wits and philosophies.

Scene 4 & 5: The War of words and Administrative center Debate

Katy Room: Scene 4 options Musk in his Tesla, obviously agitated. How does this scene advance the continuing discussion about privateness and information assortment?

Alan Nafzger: Musk is incessantly observed as this calm, rational determine. I sought after to show off a second of vulnerability, the place his personal generation mockingly provides to his rigidity. It is also an opportunity to carry up problems about privateness, appearing that even those that make the generation don’t seem to be resistant to its pitfalls.

The Significance of Empathy

Katy Room: Scene 5 presentations an enchanting debate amongst Fb workers. How does this upload to Zuckerberg’s narrative concerning the significance of empathy and human connection?

Alan Nafzger: The talk amongst Fb workers is a microcosm of the bigger dialog going down between Zuckerberg and Musk. It reiterates Zuckerberg’s philosophy—bridges are about connecting other folks, identical to social media.

Katy Room: Alan, your script tackles some intense topics whilst keeping up a humorousness and humanity. Thanks for sharing your insights with us lately.

Alan Nafzger: Thanks for having me, Katy. It used to be a excitement to delve into the intricacies of the script with you.

Katy Room: And that wraps up our behind-the-scenes take a look at “Zuckerberg vs Musk: Cage Struggle.” From the cage to the cosmos, this screenplay provides a compelling exploration of generation, humanity, and the non-public battles of 2 of lately’s maximum enigmatic figures. Keep tuned for extra.

Scene 6 & 7: The Thumb Conflict and Bedside Twitter

Katy Room: Scene 6 brings in levity with a thumb conflict, contrasting with the depth of a Twitter duel in Scene 7. How do you suppose this humor provides to the storytelling?

Alan Nafzger: Humor is a useful gizmo for losing gentle at the human facet of those larger-than-life characters. It makes them relatable, appearing that in spite of their huge affect, they’re simply other folks navigating thru a sequence of demanding situations and feelings like any individual else.

Scene 8: Colbert’s Display and the Bet

Katy Room: The guess proposed on Stephen Colbert’s display provides an additional layer of suspense. How did you get a hold of any such distinctive wager, particularly the funny twist about proudly owning MySpace?

Alan Nafzger: I sought after to focus on the stakes whilst including a comedic layer. The guess amplifies the strain, and the MySpace shaggy dog story serves as a reminder of ways temporary good fortune within the tech international may also be.

Scene 9 & 10: Up the Ante

Katy Room: Scene 9 and 10 introduce extra at stake, together with controlling the opposite’s Twitter. Is that this a nod to the large affect those platforms have over the narrative?

Alan Nafzger: Precisely. It’s a dramatized technique to underline how a lot energy is living in those platforms, and the way even those titans of tech don’t seem to be past being influenced or probably compromised by means of them.

Scene 11 & 12: Agreeing Phrases and Public Debate

Katy Room: Scene 11 and 12 get us to a public discussion board, a press convention the place each Zuckerberg and Musk agree on phrases. How do you depict their competition changing into mutual appreciate?

Alan Nafzger: Thru their banter and negotiations, they start to see each and every different no longer simply as adversaries however as equals. There’s a way of appreciate for each and every different’s mind and for the sport itself, which units the level for a captivating showdown.

Scene 13 & 14: The Grand Debate and Social Media Frenzy

Katy Room: The talk in Scene 13 reasons a real-life meals struggle in a Google cafeteria in Scene 14. Is that this a observation on how deeply those debates penetrate into our day-to-day lives?

Alan Nafzger: Completely. This hyperbolic depiction serves to emphasise how divided we have now change into as a society, incessantly because of the agendas and narratives driven by means of influential figures and platforms.

Scene 15: The Ultimate War of words

Katy Room: The screenplay involves a head with Musk studying concerning the debate on-line and issuing a bodily disagreement. What led you to this explosive climax?

Alan Nafzger: The virtual realm can handiest comprise such a lot pressure sooner than it spills over into the genuine international. The bodily disagreement is without equal embodiment in their contrasting philosophies and ambitions. It’s the overall frontier for his or her struggle.

Scene 16 & 17: Input Dana White

Katy Room: UFC president Dana White enters the image in those scenes. Let us know about his involvement and the way he is helping escalate the strain.

Alan Nafzger: Dana White serves because the catalyst to transform this virtual sparring right into a bodily cage fit. His presence provides legitimacy to the struggle, and his comedic remarks upload a lighter tone.

Scene 18 & 19: Media Frenzy and Digital Press Convention

Katy Room: After Dana White has the same opinion to the struggle, the media is going wild. How vital used to be this press protection to the script?

Alan Nafzger: The media protection amplifies the stakes and captures public passion. It is also a nod to the real-world energy that media holds in shaping our views.

Scene 20: The Philanthropic Perspective

Katy Room: Each Musk and Zuckerberg pledge $100 million to charities in the event that they win. What brought about this inclusion?

Alan Nafzger: It provides every other layer of complexity to the struggle, making sure it is not simply an ego conflict but in addition a struggle with really extensive societal affects.

Scene 21 to twenty-five: Public Response

Katy Room: The script now is going into public areas—bars, dorms, and so on. Why did you are feeling it used to be vital to incorporate those various places?

Alan Nafzger: Those scenes emphasize how pervasive the development has change into. Whether or not you are at a bar or a dorm, individuals are speaking about it. The assorted places spotlight the script’s common enchantment.

Scene 26: The Involved Aged

Katy Room: An aged couple discussing the development introduces an enchanting point of view.

Alan Nafzger: They constitute a demographic much less engaged in tech however nonetheless suffering from its broader penalties. The grandmother’s fear provides a marginally of humanity to the spectacle.

Scene 27 & 28: Comedic Takes

Katy Room: YouTubers and comedians like John Oliver upload humor to the combination. Is humor a key element for you?

Alan Nafzger: Humor acts as a social observation, reducing in the course of the pressure and serving to us replicate at the tournament’s absurdity.

Scene 29 & 30: Coaching Montages

Katy Room: Charles Barkley discusses the learning regimes of Zuckerberg and Musk. What used to be the idea at the back of those elaborate coaching montages?

Alan Nafzger: Coaching montages are a staple in any struggle movie. It is the place we see the characters’ vulnerabilities and their dedication, including intensity to their personas.

Scene 31 & 32: The Ultimate Countdown

Katy Room: The script closes with a take a look at how the learning is being gained by means of the general public. How did you envision finishing the script?

Alan Nafzger: It’s a nod to the facility of public opinion. It underscores that past the struggle, it is a struggle for the narrative. And so, the general public’s response acts as a last pass judgement on sooner than without equal showdown.

Scene 33 & 34: International Anticipation and Fan Reviews

Katy Room: The worldwide anticipation builds up in those scenes, particularly with fanatics heatedly arguing in sports activities bars. Alan, how do you notice this world passion taking part in out within the narrative?

Alan Nafzger: The scenes serve to underline simply how international this tournament has change into. From on a regular basis fanatics in sports activities bars to global sports activities protection, the struggle is not only an American phenomenon however an international sensation.

Scene 35 to 37: The Social Media Struggle

Katy Room: Each Musk and Zuckerberg take to social media, but their approaches vary. May you elaborate on that?

Alan Nafzger: Completely. Musk is easier, emphasizing the charitable perspective. Zuckerberg, then again, mocks Musk’s number of platform, which presentations their contrasting kinds, no longer simply in trade however in lifestyles.

Scene 38 & 39: Coaching and Viral Hypothesis

Katy Room: We go back to coaching scenes and in addition see social media analysts speculating on sequels. Are sequels one thing you’ve thought to be?

Alan Nafzger: The social media hypothesis is extra of a nod to how viral phenomena like this may end up in quite a lot of spin-offs or sequels. So, sure, it is one thing at the desk however no longer outlined but.

Scene 40 to 42: Broadening the Horizon

Katy Room: Those scenes incorporate discussions from newsrooms to the Italian Tradition Minister’s place of job. How vital used to be it to incorporate those various views?

Alan Nafzger: Those are intentional inclusions to turn the struggle’s far-reaching implications, from information protection to cultural or even global discussions.

Scene 43 & 44: The Famous person Lens

Katy Room: Conor McGregor, Jeff Goldblum, and Invoice Murray seem. What do those superstar interactions carry to the tale?

Alan Nafzger: They bring about levity and cultural forex. McGregor’s promotional talents lift the struggle’s profile, whilst Goldblum and Murray supply a comical and philosophical take, making the storyline even richer.

Scene 45 & 46: The Political and Moral Angles

Katy Room: We cross as prime because the Oval Administrative center, discussing felony and moral sides. Is that this a observation at the scale of affect tech moguls grasp?

Alan Nafzger: Exactly. It’s a observation on how deeply ingrained those tech figures are in our society that their movements warrant dialogue on the easiest ranges of presidency.

Scene 47 to 49: The What-Ifs and Marketplace Implications

Katy Room: From Italian regrets to Wall Boulevard debates and political calculations, you discover the development’s affect on quite a lot of sectors. What is your take in this?

Alan Nafzger: The various scenes intensify how the struggle isn’t only a one-off tournament however a catalyst for discussions in tradition, politics, and economics.

Scene 50 & 51: The Houston Issue

Katy Room: Houston turns into the selected location for the struggle. What does this upload to the script?

Alan Nafzger: Houston represents a mix of American custom and long term aspirations, just like our two protagonists. The positioning thus turns into a personality in itself.

Scene 52: The Ultimate Countdown

Katy Room: Meryl Streep and Colin Fletcher analyze leaked coaching pictures within the ultimate scene. A novel technique to finish issues?

Alan Nafzger: It’s a nod to the eclectic nature of this complete saga. Who higher to investigate a tech wealthy person struggle than a mythical actress and an MMA professional?

Indubitably, Katy. My apologies for the oversight.

Interview with Alan Nafzger on Key Scenes 53-66 of “Zuckerberg vs. Musk: Cagefight

Interviewer, Katy Room: Alan, to your screenplay, the phenomenon of this Zuckerberg-Musk cage struggle turns out to move global limitations, even appearing up in a stressful scene on the North and South Korean DMZ. What impressed you to make this a global spectacle?

Alan Nafzger: The struggle between those two titans is not simply an American passion tale. Those males constitute world enterprises and their competition speaks to larger questions on energy and generation that everybody all over the world grapples with.

Making a bet and the American Psyche

Interviewer, Katy Room: Vegas sportsbooks are humming within the scenes you’ve got written. How do you notice this cage struggle reflecting or impacting the tradition of sports activities having a bet in The usa?

Alan Nafzger: I sought after to seize the spirit of American entrepreneurship and risk-taking. In case you have two huge personalities duking it out, you’ll wager American citizens will desire a stake within the consequence, reasonably actually.

Scientific Ethics and Dramedy

Interviewer, Katy Room: A good period of time is spent on clinical examinations for Musk and Zuckerberg, even bringing humor into those scenes. What is the message you are looking to put across right here?

Alan Nafzger: Those don’t seem to be athletes; they are tech moguls. So, there is a layer of absurdity in them present process clinical assessments as though they are entering into the UFC octagon. But, it is severe—clinical ethics should not be lost sight of simply since the struggle is a spectacle.

The Function of Media and Conspiracy Theories

Interviewer, Katy Room: From tabloid newsrooms to YouTube conspiracy theorists, you’ve got portrayed quite a lot of varieties of media amplifying the struggle’s hype. What are you pronouncing concerning the position of media in such occasions?

Alan Nafzger: We are living in an age the place media could be a circus reflect, each reflecting and distorting fact. Whether or not it is a tabloid or a YouTuber like Gary, everybody has an perspective, and the struggle turns into a vessel for quite a lot of narratives.

Nearing the Struggle: Arrangements and Issues

Interviewer, Katy Room: The scenes main as much as the struggle are stuffed with pressure and considerations, each non-public {and professional}, for Zuckerberg and Musk. Why did you select to concentrate on those sides?

Alan Nafzger: Smartly, I sought after to turn that they are human beings. They have got considerations, households, companies to run. This struggle is a spectacle, however it is usually a significant lifestyles tournament for either one of them.

Closing-Minute Regulations and Crew Dynamics

Interviewer, Katy Room: Alan, Scene 67 portrays a heated dialogue between Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg a few last-minute rule exchange. Why did you select to incorporate this inside battle?

Alan Nafzger: In a atmosphere as risky as a cage struggle, a last-minute rule exchange could be a game-changer. The conflict between Zuckerberg and Sandberg provides intensity to their characters and presentations that even a close-knit crew may have cracks when prime stakes are concerned.

Tensions, Safety, and the Spectacle of the Weigh-In

Interviewer, Katy Room: The weigh-in scenes are fraught with pressure and elaborate safety features. What message are you looking to put across right here?

Alan Nafzger: Safety is not only about bodily protection; it is a manifestation of the force and world passion within the struggle. The weigh-in, generally a formality in carrying occasions, turns into a level the place each males should confront their bodily and mental readiness for the struggle.

Emotionally Charged Moments Ahead of the Struggle

Interviewer, Katy Room: You might have written scenes the place each Zuckerberg and Musk have personal moments to think about the struggle’s importance. Why come with those softer, extra emotional scenes?

Alan Nafzger: Those males don’t seem to be simply CEOs; they’re human beings with lives out of doors of the hoop. I sought after to show off that pressure between their public personas and personal anxieties, whether or not it is Zuckerberg looking to meditate or Musk considering his SpaceX goals.

Societal Divides and Protests: A Replicate to Truth

Interviewer, Katy Room: Scenes 72 thru 84 show off an international past the struggle, concerning protests and societal divides. Why did you suppose it used to be crucial to function this?

Alan Nafzger: The struggle itself is a microcosm of bigger societal problems—capitalism, affect, ethics, even world peace. The protesters and quite a lot of teams replicate the divided reviews and the possible penalties of constructing a spectacle out of such severe problems.

The Level of No Go back: Chaos Unleashed

Interviewer, Katy Room: The latter scenes point out some extent of no go back, resulting in a blackout and escalating violence. Why finish this section on any such darkish be aware?

Alan Nafzger: I sought after to construct a crescendo that mimics the mounting pressure in society lately. The blackout symbolizes the purpose the place issues can both in finding solution or erupt into chaos, and it leaves the reader—or viewer—wondering the place we are headed as a society.

Order Out of Chaos: The Aftermath

Interviewer, Katy Room: Alan, Scene 85 presentations the aftermath of the chaos. Police and emergency responders are at the scene, and newshounds are reporting. Is that this a second of reckoning for the group?

Alan Nafzger: Completely. The aftermath serves as a pause button for everybody to replicate at the movements and penalties. It is a stark reminder that the development has spiraled into one thing a lot larger than only a struggle between two tech moguls.

Media’s Function within the Mayhem

Interviewer, Katy Room: Anthony and Taisha within the press field speak about how the media could have exacerbated the placement. How do you notice the position of the media right here?

Alan Nafzger: The media’s position is dual-edged. On one hand, they are reporting the details; at the different, the way in which they body those occasions can fan the flames. Anthony and Taisha are acutely aware of this refined stability, main them to query their very own affect at the unfolding chaos.

Public Pleas for Calm

Interviewer, Katy Room: Each Musk and Zuckerberg factor public pleas for calm. How efficient are those within the context of your screenplay?

Alan Nafzger: I feel they seize the essence of each males completely. Zuckerberg is buoyant and charismatic, whilst Musk is stern and intense. Their appeals no longer handiest distinction their personalities but in addition display that they perceive the gravity of the placement. Their blended message, apparently, does appear to quell the chaos.

Making ready for the Showdown

Interviewer, Katy Room: The next scenes display each and every guy in his component—Zuckerberg together with his Fb moderators and Musk with robot coaches. Why depict those scenes?

Alan Nafzger: The locker room scenes are the calm sooner than the typhoon. They are supposed as an instance the diversities between the 2 males—no longer simply their control kinds but in addition their philosophies and the way they get ready for a struggle of this magnitude.

A Temporary Ceasefire: Anticipation Replaces Violence

Interviewer, Katy Room: Simply as briefly because the violence erupted, it quells. What does this surprising shift symbolize?

Alan Nafzger: It presentations the facility of a collective focal point. Regardless of their variations, individuals are united of their anticipation of the struggle, underscoring how simply public consideration may also be redirected, for higher or worse.

The Grand Entrances: Showcasing Philosophies

Interviewer, Katy Room: The entrances of Musk and Zuckerberg are grand spectacles. How did you make a decision at the song and visuals?

Alan Nafzger: The entrances are extensions in their personalities and missions. Zuckerberg’s theme, U2’s “One,” indicates cohesion and connection, which might be on the core of Fb’s undertaking. Musk’s number of “House Oddity” highlights his ambitions past Earth. Those entrances serve to encapsulate who those males are and what they stand for.

The Famous person Part: Ringside with Jesse Eisenberg and Ronda Rousey

Interviewer, Katy Room: Scene 100 introduces superstar newshounds. What do they upload to the narrative?

Alan Nafzger: Jesse Eisenberg and Ronda Rousey carry a distinct point of view to the development. Eisenberg has portrayed Zuckerberg on display screen, whilst Rousey understands the dynamics of a bodily struggle. Their banter provides a component of each humor and experience, rounding out the multifaceted viewpoints in this extraordinary tournament.

Every scene you’ve got requested about provides layers of complexity to the narrative, making the struggle greater than only a bodily contest—it is a battleground for ideologies, social problems, and private philosophies.

I say sorry for the confusion. Let’s pivot again to an interview layout.

Alan Nafzger at the Cinematic Transition from Cage Struggle to Zombie Apocalypse

SCENE 101 to 103: The Construct-up

Katy Room: Alan, the screenplay in reality selections up from SCENE 101 the place Invoice Gates, of all other folks, is the hoop announcer. What used to be the idea procedure at the back of such an strange selection?

Alan Nafzger: Smartly, the struggle scenes had been designed to be extra than simply two tech titans duking it out. We needed so as to add layers of intrigue and marvel. Having Invoice Gates as the hoop announcer throws in a component of irony and unpredictability.

SCENE 104: The Essential Spherical

Katy Room: Scene 104 portrays no longer only a bodily contest however a conflict of ideologies. How did you stability this intricate narrative?

Alan Nafzger: Scene 104 is an important. It’s no longer almost about fists and grapples; it’s additionally a reflect to society’s divisions. The coaches and the commentators replicate those undercurrents, making it a multi-dimensional revel in for the target market.

SCENE 105: Zombie Apocalypse Unleashed

Katy Room: Simply after we suppose it’s all a few cage struggle, you throw in a zombie apocalypse! That is a gutsy transfer. What impressed this shift in tone?

Alan Nafzger: Ah, the zombie twist. We needed so as to add an exterior risk that might power those adversaries to rethink their enmity. What higher approach than a not unusual enemy that desires to consume them?

SCENE 106 and 107: Survival Mode

Katy Room: Against the tip, Musk and Zuckerberg transition from being competition to survivors. May you discuss this dynamic exchange?

Alan Nafzger: Completely. To begin with, they are at loggerheads, even combating over a pistol. However survival intuition kicks in, and so they notice that the genuine enemy is out of doors the cage. This shift used to be an important to turn persona expansion and the bigger theme of cohesion in opposition to a not unusual adversary.

Katy Room: Your screenplay combines components of sports activities drama, horror, and political undertones in an odd atmosphere. How did you arrange to mix those genres so seamlessly?

Alan Nafzger: It is about discovering a not unusual thread. On this case, it is the concept of festival — be it for social affect, bodily supremacy, or survival. The genres would possibly appear disparate, however they arrive in combination thru this core idea.

Katy Room: One can not assist however suppose this can be a billion-dollar concept, as Dana White discussed. Do you suppose the movie lives as much as that expectation?

Alan Nafzger: Smartly, I feel Dana White’s remark captures the essence of what we are looking to do. We are pushing limitations right here. It’s no longer only a struggle; it’s a spectacle, a societal mirrored image, and now, a survival saga. If that is not value a thousand million greenbacks, I don’t know what’s.

The Ultimate Act: A Rollercoaster of Feelings and Technique

SCENE 108: A Breather Amidst the Chaos

Katy Room: Scene 108 is a pause for the target market in addition to the characters, with McGregor making a fog for protection and Zuckerberg appearing off his marksman talents. Why come with a concession stand scene right here?

Alan Nafzger: The concession stand scene serves as a temporary respite, permitting characters to regroup and show off person talents. It is like the attention of the storm, momentarily calm but surrounded by means of the tempest.

SCENE 109 to 110: Stairwell and Carrier Hall

Katy Room: Your script takes an enchanting flip with retired MMA warring parties sacrificing themselves. Why this determination?

Alan Nafzger: It is a tribute to the ethos of MMA—valor, sacrifice, and teamwork. It additionally builds pressure; if those professional warring parties are keen to present their lives, the risk should be serious.

SCENE 111 to 114: At the Cusp of Protection

Katy Room: Musk and Zuckerberg lock themselves within the locker room. How does this isolation give a contribution to the unfolding drama?

Alan Nafzger: The isolation magnifies their vulnerability. They have got misplaced their bodyguards, and now it is simply them, reinforcing the perception that they are able to handiest depend on each and every different in spite of their variations.

SCENE 115 to 117: McGregor’s Ultimate Stand

Katy Room: The Tennyson reference all the way through McGregor’s struggle—what brought about that literary contact?

Alan Nafzger: McGregor is embodying heroism, just like Tennyson’s characters. It is a poetic nod to the gravity and possible futility of his struggle.

SCENE 118: The Atomic Watermelon

Katy Room: An “atomic watermelon” makes an look. How lifelike is that this on this planet you’ve got created?

Alan Nafzger: It is a bit of a hyperbole however grounded in factual army generation. It serves as a ticking clock, including urgency to the break out makes an attempt.

SCENE 119 to 121: Ultimate Confrontations

Katy Room: There’s a shift in environment as we see the devastation of the zombie assault is whole. May you elaborate at the emotional pivot right here?

Alan Nafzger: After the action-packed sequences, those scenes pull the lens again to the characters’ emotional states. It’s the aftermath, reflecting the horror and disbelief of what simply transpired.

SCENE 122: The Unresolved Finishing

Katy Room: The screenplay ends on an open be aware. Is that this a setup for a sequel?

Alan Nafzger: It leaves room for interpretation and long term storytelling. The competition between Musk and Zuckerberg stays, and the sector continues to be unsure, making it an open-ended conclusion.

Katy Room: Regardless of the horrors, there’s banter between Musk and Zuckerberg. What does this say about their characters?

Alan Nafzger: It’s a nod to the indomitable human spirit and a peek into their complicated dating—aggressive but respectful. Even after combating zombies, some issues by no means exchange.

Katy Room: Thanks, Alan, for this enlightening dialog about your screenplay, which has intrigued each the trade and the target market. It’s an odd mixture of motion, humor, and deeper topics. Actually a billion-dollar concept.

Alan Nafzger: Thanks, Katy. It is been a excitement discussing the nuances of what could be my maximum audacious paintings but. I will handiest hope the target market unearths it as enticing as this dialog.

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Zuckerberg Vs Musk: Cage Fight
Zuckerberg Vs Musk: Cage Struggle
Zuckerberg Vs Musk: Cage Fight
Zuckerberg Vs Musk: Cage Struggle


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